1/ Patient and Staff Screening

  • All patients are requested to inform our office of any signs or symptoms of COVID.
  • Staff are required to daily screen with and are fully PPE equipped.
  • Patients having returned from international travel will need to wait a minimum of 3 days before coming into the office for any dental appointments.
  • Patients who have been recommended to self-isolate or quarantine due to possible exposure risk will not be seen until clearance is given by provincial health authorities.
  • Our office is frequently sanitized throughout the day. Patients are guided in and out of each area.
  • Each treatment room has an air filtration system, and recent construction has been completed to enclose and separate all treatment rooms.
  • The reception area is limited to 4 people at a time and sanitized regularly.
  • All Packages or mail received in our office is sanitized

2) Sanitization and disinfection Protocols

Scident has always followed above and beyond BC Guidelines and we continue to do so for the protection of our patients and staff. We continue to ensure that all protocols are followed and any additional protection will be added if required.

  • All instruments and materials used are either single use and discarded or sterilized after every use/every patient.
  • We protect, barrier and disinfect all surface areas for every operatory in between patients. Covers and barriers are changed and discarded after each patient.
  • Surfaces disinfected with hospital grade, bactericidal and virucidal disinfectant (effective for COVID-19).
  • Sterilization is done by hospital level steam and pressure autoclaves and are tested for effectiveness by means of biological indicators.
  • Sterilization indicators on the outside and inside of each package or kit to confirm the processing criteria have been met to be considered sterile.
  • Sterilized instruments are stored in compliance with BC IPC recommendations to ensure continued sterility and are opened only in a disinfected, newly barriered operatory by a trained, gloved and masked dental professional.
  • Water lines and suction lines are cleaned, flushed and maintained between each patient. Cannulas and suction tips are changed for each patient.
  • Dental Team PPE is used for each patient.

2) Services Provided During the Pandemic

All dental procedures are currently available at Scident. Treatment times and length may be modified as required. Services include dental hygiene procedures, fillings, crowns, dentures, bridges, implants, sleep appliances, basic ortho, Botox Cosmetic & Medical for TMJ problems.

3/ On Going Education & Updates

We maintain information from our professional associations, on a frequent and regular basis. We have been up to date with all the latest information and guidelines from our Dental Associations and the BC Ministries of Health. Our office will continue to act on information and guidelines that are evidence based and appropriate for a dental setting. COVID-19 is new, but the idea of dealing with viruses in dentistry is not new, which is why we are experienced in mitigating the danger of exposure to our patients and staff. The staff at Scident will always ensure your health and safety remains our priority during this challenging time.

Thank you to our patients for your patronage during this very challenging time. We are happy to continue to see our patients at this time to help maintain the best oral health.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our office by phone or text at 604-985-7032 or email at .