Replace Missing Teeth With A Bridge

If you are missing one or more teeth, you could be a candidate for a bridge. A bridge will use a tooth on either side of the space created by the missing tooth/ teeth as anchors and connect false teeth between the space to fill in the gap.

Filling in and restoring an empty space created by a lost tooth/teeth is not just for esthetics. A bridge will  prevent any shifting of the adjacent teeth from their current position, and also help to restore function. The anchor teeth on either side of the space,  must be in good stable condition to be used for this purpose. These anchors, are called abutments and must be properly assessed to ensure they will provide a strong foundation.

If you have a large consecutive span of missing teeth there may be an option of placing dental implants to support a bridge. For an implant supported bridge you will always have to connect an implant to another implant and not a natural tooth. A natural tooth is connected to the bone by a ligament and has a different amount of flexability than does an implant. Connecting Implants seasoned professionals and natural teeth would cause the bridge to ultimately fail.

To inquire if you are a good candidate for this procedure you would require a review of the condition of your teeth and bone condition with the appropriate xrays. Please call our front desk to book a consultation for a review.