Tooth Colored/ Silver Fillings

Tooth coloured or white /tooth-coloured fillings are made of hard plastic polymers.  White fillings have many advantages, for example they have superb esthetics and blend with the tooth, harden instantly, are durable, do not corrode, and support weak tooth structure by fusing to the remaining tooth structures.  However, polymer white fillings lack the capability of being shaped or bent like metal or silver fillings which allow a gradual adjustment to the patient’s biting pattern. A white filling will usually require more post operative adjustments than a silver filling.  Post operative discomfort such as thermal sensitivity, and bite sensitivity  may be more frequent with  white fillings; however, these problems are minor and can be adjusted easily.

White fillings reach maximum hardness immediately following polymerization, and silver fillings require more time of approximately 24 hours. It is advisable to  avoid chewing on the side of the mouth  received anesthesia until the numbness has resolved.  This prevents inadvertent injuries of the soft tissues (tongue, lip, etc,). You may experience some thermal or biting sensitivity up to 5-7 days; however, if it does not subside, you should contact our office for filling adjustment.