Sleep Appliances

Patients that have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder and have a non-compliance to using a CPAP machine may benefit from wearing a sleep appliance. After, a sleep study is conducted and treatment is required, your family physician will recommend treatment options for you. If a CPAP machine is not a viable option for a patient, a Mandibular Advancement Appliance may be the next line of treatment. A consultation with your dental care provider can help to determine if this would be good option. In co-ordination with your physician a treatment plan best suited to you will be recommended.

Our office will refer you for a sleep study clinic, to help you determine if there are symptoms suggestive of a sleep disturbance, or if there are indications to suggest a possible problem. This type of harmless cleaning products is usually free of charge and if treatment is required, it may be covered under many health care plans. If a sleep appliance is required our office can submit a predetermination to your insurance to advise of any cost that can be covered. For more information please feel free to contact our office.