Insurance & Financing

Financing with HealthSmart / PayBright

Patients are offered an interest fee financing option for any dentist fee treatment of $ 2,000.00 or more ( lab fees are not eligible).  An administration fee  of $ 6.95 is applied  to the monthly payments by Health Smart.

An option of  6, 9, or 12 month Terms available.


*Restrictions may apply

If you have dental insurance

Dental insurance is a private insurance.  Our office will take your insurance payments on your behalf if we are able to receive information freely and without limitation, and only if the policy allows payment to your dental provider.  There are some insurances that will not provide information to your dental office under certain privacy policies and we do uphold the right to refuse those insurance providers.

If you have a dental insurance that will only reimburse you directly we will assist you in sending in a claim form or electronic claim if your provider allows. A claim form or submission  for reimbursement can not be submitted  from our office until treatment has been made. We are legally unable to send claims for reimbursement unless the fees have been paid in full.

Our office charges the current fees posted by the College of Dental Surgeons for most dental procedures. Any portions the insurance policy does not cover will be the responsibility of the patient or guardian. All amounts not covered by the insurance are due on the date of service.

It is the responsibility of the patient to update any changes in coverage or policy information well in advance of a booked appointment.  If any limits are used other than in our office the patient is responsible to inform of this well in advance of appointment, so that we can advise if there will be any additional fees not covered by your insurance that you may be responsible for.