Insurance Reimbursement & Financing

Financing with HealthSmart / PayBright

Patients are offered an interest fee financing option for any dentist fee treatment of $ 2,000.00 or more ( lab fees are not eligible).  An administration fee  of $ 6.95 is applied  to the monthly payments by Health Smart.

An option of  6, 9, or 12 month Terms available.


*Restrictions may apply


Dental insurance is private insurance.  Our office will only be able to process your insurance claims on your behalf to reimburse you directly.  We will be happy to submit your claims and request predeterminations for treatment to your insurance provider. It is important that our patients remain proactive in this process so they can check and ensure what is covered under their plan and how much, by looking up in either their online account or calling the insurance company directly. The dental office will not be checking the outcome of the predeterminations.  If you have a copy and would like us to help you understand it better we are more than happy to help explain what information we understand.  The majority of insurance providers limit the information provided to the dental office and we are able to confirm your coverage information or the details of your dental plan due to the privacy policies the insurance providers have in place.

If your insurance provider allows for electronic claims we will submit them for you and in most cases you will be reimbursed within a few days.  If your insurance provider only accepts paper claim forms we can also submit those, however it will take more time for you to receive your reimbursement.  Payment for services will be due on the date of service and we encourage our patients to use their point credit cards so they may benefit by earning points for payments.

Our office charges the current fees posted by the College of Dental Surgeons for most dental procedures. Most complex treatment or major work will have charges that are above the current Fee guide. 

It is the responsibility of the patient to update any changes in coverage or policy information well in advance of a booked appointment. Patients must ensure they keep track of their financial plan limitations.  Our office will try to help in this regard. 

The new normal for many dental offices has changed and allowing our patients to be more active in their dental claims and coverage allows our staff to spend the additional time now required for our on going advancement in protocols.